Hearing feedback from past apprentices allows us to grow and improve.

Meet Sheldon. His passion for data drew him to the apprenticeship. In the past, Sheldon
enjoyed learning various applications such as Power BI, using his self-taught knowledge to
create dashboards, making them more accessible and digestible. He hoped the
apprenticeship would strengthen his understanding and ability, helping his company.

Read Sheldon’s story here:

How has your role changed since completing the apprenticeship?

As a Quantity surveyor at Gleeds, I was responsible for cost planning, pre, post and final contract negotiations, and benchmarking at each stage. Since doing my apprenticeship, I had hopes of doing my previous role and improving the data project delivery, both equally. But due to the lack of resources, it is more than 80/20 quality surveying.

The transition itself is difficult, but I’m hoping things change, and it will allow me to use my apprenticeship and all that I’ve learnt firsthand.

What was the key thing that were hoping to get out of the apprenticeship?

Improve understanding and ability to capture, analyse, and use data to increase the efficiency and accuracy of the services Gleeds offer.

Has the apprenticeship helped you achieve this? If so, how?

Is this something you'll be able to apply in your role at Gleeds?

The apprenticeship has improved my data literacy skills. It has allowed me to go through a true data transformation, and I now look at things differently. It is very different from learning it by yourself to learning it from professionals. It has given me an understanding of the top level. I would say believe in the art of the possible, and when it does start to click in your head, it’s a great feeling. It has improved the ability to be a translator between domain experts.

What sort of daily tasks have you managed to automate, if any?

I currently have no opportunity to create automation, but there is so much potential in the future. Using PowerBi has improved my current role and has done much of the work for me.

What would you say could be improved about the apprenticeship?

Although I enjoyed my time at my apprenticeship, I would say to have the ability to learn more new technical advancements. As the data world is currently changing, I would love to have been able to learn more about those changes. Juggling my job and the off-the-job task was daunting, but finding that balance benefited me when it could.

What tools would you say you'll now use most?

I have learnt many new tools that will benefit me with future roles and tasks. I found The Hacks very useful as the application allows me to identify a problem and work up a way to solve it. Although not a physical tool, I have learnt that communication is vital when working with suppliers and being able to work with them regularly only benefited me.

To what extent has the client's approach helped to influence your approach to PDA?

I believe that clients (especially those we work with) are okay with the level of approach. This would be due to their little knowledge and lack of exposure. In the future, I would love to be able to discuss data with clients and make them aware of things that their company will only benefit from. Once they understand data and how it works, it will make our relationship stronger.

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